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After my previous education and personal experiences, I have determined some points that are important to me for my work and motivate me especially to deal with complex and lengthy concept ideas in a time-intensive way:


Human-centered Design

In order to offer holistic solutions, I try to understand people's needs before designing a project. Looking at interpersonal interactions, combined with the handling of different media, are not only interesting for the UX field, but also inspire me again and again to freer projects that can be classified in the direction of interaction design [e.g.: Gaia].

Open Access

I am convinced that, in addition to the development of innovative products, collaboration and exchange between different groups in society is essential. That's why I'm a big proponent of open access projects that enable information access and collaboration with many people. This approach also inspired me, for example, to write my master's thesis "[sci]mmary"

Insatiable curiosity

I am convinced that as "designers" we not only need to constantly educate ourselves in the field of technology, but should also maintain a versatile interest in various topics. Therefore, in addition to my work, I try to constantly question my previous skills, to always face new challenges and thus constantly improve myself.

Search for the meaning

In addition to a sophisticated aesthetic and a profitable product development, the presence of a "deeper meaning" is also of central importance to me. Therefore, I again gladly accept project orders from the subject areas: Health Care, Sustainability, Social Work and the like.

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